Sep 11

Next Style Guide

I shot another Personal Style Guide for Next Magazine and loved meeting all these guys. These kind of shoots are so fun: I meet the guys somewhere in the city and we walk around and look for a nice location to shoot some simple portraits showing their personal style. I love getting to know the guys and have always been able to find a great background that fits their style so nicely — New York has a way of attracting such interesting people and giving them a backdrop for them to fit right in.

Next Magazine

Aug 11

Father and Son

I was really touched by this episode of This American Life, about stories of fathers reaching out to kids in “dad-like” ways, in which fathers show their love using the tools they know. Not always talking about their feelings, not being direct about their emotions but in ways that are more indirect, but no less sincere: help with preparing taxes, giving advice, fixing things around the house. Men in general are not as adept as sharing their feelings, and although it takes some reading between the lines, what can be inferred is no less of an eloquent statement than a direct “I love you.”

My dad and I always had an intense relationship, as we are very different in many ways and both can be quite stubborn. I think the big breakthrough in our relationship came when I told him I am gay. He had come to visit me in Chicago and we were having brunch in a diner. The conversation went something like this:

Dad: So, do you have a girlfriend?

Me: Nope.

Dad: Why not?

Me: I don’t fall in love with women. I fall in love with men. I’m gay.

(At this point, we both knew we were having a “milestone” conversation. So, instead of eating, we just started pushing food around our plates.)

Me: How does that make you feel?

Dad: Well, it’s just new to me. I don’t know any gay people.

Me: You probably do, you just don’t know that they are gay. It really isn’t a big deal.

Dad: You’re probably right.

So that was basically it. It seemed like a movie to me, enhanced by the fact that the diner we were in was full of gay men in leather gear since it was International Leatherman Weekend in Chicago. Later on in the day, when the mood became lighter, I said “Well it’s been quite a big day for you huh, finding out you’re son is gay?” and my dad said, “I always kind of had a feeling. You were always dressing funny and doing funny stuff with your hair.” I thought that was so cute and such a Marvin Kitchen thing to say. And it made me realize that him coming to visit me and asking about my personal life was asking to be more a part of my life, and one that I was ready to welcome him into.

My favorite picture of my Dad and I was taken a few years later when he came to visit me in New York. We were walking around New York and I thought we’d pop into my friend Giasco Bertoli‘s photography studio and Giasco took this picture of us:

It was one shot taken with a polaroid and I love it… love how we look similar but different, me trying to be cool and dad being his earnestly awkwardly adorable self. I made a print out of it and my dad has it hanging in their house in Oklahoma.

When I heard this duet of “Fathers and Sons” of Johnny Cash and Fiona Apple, I thought it is just perfect … Johnny Cash is my dad’s favorite musician, and Fiona Apple is mine.

I was once like you are now, and I know that it’s not easy,
To be calm when you’ve found something going on.
But take your time, think a lot,
Why, think of everything you’ve got.
For you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not.

Aug 11

See The Future

I walked home from seeing The Future on a rainy Sunday and decided not to open my umbrella. I let myself get soaked to the bone and once I let myself go, I loved every minute of it. It seemed like a very Miranda July thing to do. July’s new film is original and fearless, and would recommend it to anyone with an inquisitive mind, a childlike innocence, and an appreciation for beautiful visuals. Oh, and it’s narrated by a cat. This is a screenshot of my favorite scene – after leaving her boyfriend to discover herself (she later confesses “I have a wild side”) she wraps herself in his Tshirt (which followed her to her new home):

July’s genius lies in the mood she creates — through beautiful lighting, quirky casting, clever styling, and ambient music by Jon Brion— and in this everyday world the viewer can understand the feeling of creating the extraordinary out of the ordinary, a desire to know the world in ways that cannot be realized, and the fact that that realization comes through connections with individuals. I love how often the heroes of her stories — the everyday folks who impart wisdom on the protagonists— are often children and the elderly. July as a middle-aged woman strides between the curiosity of a child and the wisdom of the elderly, casually and simply sharing their observances about the mysteries of the world. A common narrative in her works is the desire for people to receive a signal that they are appreciated… as seen in the “macaroni” scene in Me and You and Everyone We Know, and the screaming out the window scene in The Future. She is funny, deadpan, quirky, honest, fascinated, childish, wise, bold, creative; and while she may not be everyone’s cup of tea, she sure is mine.

The Future – official trailer

Jul 11

Swag from Wagwear

Shot a simple and fun summer promo for Wagwear, a boutique for style-conscious pooches:


Jul 11

It’s about time.

Ever since I knew I am gay and knew that it WAS not legal for gays to marry, I knew it would be legal in a matter of time. Old people with prejudices against gays would be dying as more and more young people would be accepting the gays who are living openly; and fairness, equality, logic and reason would take over. Today there is a beautiful pictorial in The New York Times of happy couples who married in New York, now that marriage is legal here. Some of the pictures:

Here are some more pics from Buzzfeed: sweet, candid, heartwarming.

Though I have to say, thought this day would have come quicker! I love this article in The Onion about gay marriage, pretty much sums it up:
Future U.S. History Students: ‘It’s Pretty Embarrassing How Long You Guys Took To Legalize Gay Marriage’

Next up is repealing the DOMA law.

Jul 11

Beards Glorious Beards

It’s no secret that I love guys with beards so I was pleasantly surprised when my friend Anthony showed me this Tumblr, Facial Awareness. (Although I wish there were credits with the photos.) There are a lot of amazing pictures, below are some of my favorites:

Personally I love my beard sculpted with precision and my weekly/biweekly beard shave and trim is an indulgence (although only $15 +5 tip). Lately I’ve been going to Jon the Barber at Well Connected at 151 Allen Street:

Jul 11

Dog Days of Summer

Fire Island, New York. Starring Macho and French Fry! Wish I would have had my camera with me when French Fry was playing bingo.

Jun 11

Arty Bollocks Generator

This is hilarious…

My work explores the relationship between postmodern discourse and multimedia experiences. etc etc etc….

Jun 11


Nice compilation of photos of famous people with vinyl…. Here Sophia Loren is also rocking contact sheets and a cigarette:

Dangerous Minds

Jun 11

Blue Collar Gays

I love to shoot for Next magazine and this feature was right up my alley: Gay guys who work in traditionally blue-collar jobs. Editor Benjamin Solomon and I agreed that the best approach would be shooting the subjects as everyday guys with everyday jobs; and when contacting the subjects to set up the shoots I found they were relieved they wouldn’t have to be sexy, oiled up, one-dimensional Village People type guys — that they just had to be themselves.