December, 2009

Dec 09

16: Moments

No words. As Jodie Foster’s character said in “Contact” as she was traveling in the universe and trying to describe what she sees …. “they should have sent a poet.” Excellent editing makes you believe the world is as graceful as a ballerina on a music box.

Dec 09

I Had a Dream

I was in a desert playground and there were sidewinders evvvvverywhere, but for some reason I wanted to walk backwards.  Eeeek.  On the way back to the school I found some keys.   I turned them into Lost and Found and they were like “Do you want to leave your name” and I was like “Why?” and they were like “So the person whose keys they are can nominate you for Panther of the Day” and I was like “I’ve already been Panther of the Day.”  Although you can be Panther of the Day more than once, I said this with the smug satisfaction that I was donating my surefire Panther of the Day to someone who would not otherwise have the chance to be Panther of the Day.

Dec 09

Deja Vu


One of the secrets to selling men’s fitness magazines is to put the word “ABS” on the cover, boldly.  (Conversely, the secret to selling American food magazines is to put a delicious picture of a juicy hamburger on the cover.)  Apparently the number 1293 is newstands magic too, as are some of these other cover lines which are on both the October 2007 issue and the current issue.

via Gawker

Dec 09

Dreaming is free


I love pictures of people sleeping. (Except babies, because that’s too cliche. It’s just about all they do!)  But a good sleeping picture brings out the angel in everyone.  I took this picture of my friend Reijin, a producer, on a bullet train going from Tokyo to Kyoto … and if anyone has produced in Japan, you know Reijin earned every little second of sleep he got on that train.  I like the light, and his hat.   Poor little tyke was tuckered!


This picture of my parents I planned out a little bit more…. they were visiting me in NYC, and sleeping in my bed, and I know how nice the light is coming in the window in the morning…so I woke up before them and snuck into my room, stood up above them and started clicking away. They started to wake up and vaguely started realizing what was going on, and being troopers, and knowing me, went along with it. They were half asleep when I took this and think they were just trying to get a bit more sleep. I like the wrinkles on my mom’s shoulder and how mussed up their hair is, and although they don’t usually sleep in each others arms after 40+ years of marriage, this feels very genuine to me.

I would LOVE to take a picture of someone being woken up by having a bucket full of ice water thrown on them. (You’ve been warned.) I also want to take a realistic picture of someone dreaming…where it is immediately apparent to everyone that the person is not only sleeping but dreaming. Speaking of, last night I dreamt I was nominated for an acting Oscar, and the process played out like a tournament. I got knocked out by Meryl Streep, who was playing HERSELF in a movie! (I was playing a freaky Steve Buscemi character, although a devilishly handsome one.) It all took place on a plane, which was parked on the ground.

Dec 09

Size Matters

I love commercials in which you don’t know what is being advertised until the very end…and that is the reveal which makes the funny. This commercial is the best…

From Young and Rubicam, Argentina

Dec 09

Movie Posters


It’s the end of the year and the ‘best-of 2009′ lists are beginning.  I though Moviefone’s list of best movie posters was interesting and from their list, this poster of Precious is definitely my favorite…I like its originality and simplicity… a nice humble portrait of a bold movie… and to me, it’s always refreshing when advertising is subtle and confident and not screaming to be adored by the masses.

I also have to give an honorable mention to this movie poster, for The Ugly Truth.  Cute, clever, and you have to give props to creative posters depicting romantic comedies…not the easiest genre to design — partially because the movies themselves are generally generic and the target audience not particularly sophisticated.  Usually they end up looking like ads for hair products or erectile dysfunction drugs. Or, Matthew McConaughey leaning.

The psychological/horror genre lends itself to some of the most memorable movie posters…

silence_of_the_lambs_ver2 Jaws-poster