March, 2010

Mar 10

A life well-lived.


Amazing article about a remarkable woman- truly inspiring.

(CNN) — Simply put, Margaret Moth made an impression.

Given her jet-black hair, thick black eyeliner, black clothes and combat boots (which she often slept in while on assignment), people didn’t always know what to think upon meeting her. She was quirky, the sort who excused herself from a social gathering by saying she had to wash her socks. And she was fearless, the kind of woman who not only kept the camera rolling while under fire, but zoomed in on a soldier who was shooting at her.

Colleagues learned quickly to appreciate all that this CNN camerawoman was. Beyond her rich personality, which included deep optimism and kindness, she brought to her profession top-notch technical abilities, unmatched dedication and an approach to work that inspired others to push themselves.

rest of the article here.

Mar 10

Colors of the Seasons

As winter changed to spring this weekend, I found this Flickr color wheel interesting…using an algorithm to depict the colors in the photos of the Boston Common, by season.


via Hint FM

Mar 10

Views from Mars and Venus

AdAge conducted a survey to determine what kind of advertising most appeals to men and women. I had fun trying to guess which was the most favorite of men, and which was the most favorite of women. Play along!


This one was pretty obvious to me…the ad on the left appeals to the male techie, and the ad is visually very masculine and chock full of technological details. The ad on the right screams “practical everywoman family-time.”


No surprise, the men liked the ad of the beautiful young girl with her fingers in her mouth (you don’t even really notice she’s wearing jewelry) while the women like the stunning and extremely expensive ring on the right which would undoubtedly wow their friends.


This one surprised me, a bit… women’s favorite liquor ad was the one on the right, although graphically it strikes me as more masculine. The men again preferred the beautiful woman, although to me it’s more fashion than sexual, there are definitely sexual undertones.


Men (cheapos) preferred the practicality of the Embassy Suites ad, while the women’s favorite choice in the hotel category was the Bellagio for its fantasy and luxury.

via AdAge

Mar 10

Women. Roaring.

One of the best parts of my job is working with amazing women around the world. Below is a gallery of some that have made a lasting impression on me. None of these women are professional models, but they all stood in front of the camera with supreme confidence and an easy, simple grace. Collectively they represent these qualities I find beautiful in women worldwide, but it’s the individual impressions each made on me which I remember.

Kathy, Canada. Photo by Beau Lark
Kathy is quick with a quip and a giggle and rides a mean horse.

Flor, Argentina. Photo by Gustavo Di Mario
Flor practices Reiki and seems more at home on this planet, in her skin, than any person I’ve ever met.

Aya, Japan. Photo by Zen Sekizawa
Aya is a strong, modern woman in a very traditional society.

Laura, Argentina. Photo by Martin Sanmiguel
Laura has an elegance which reminds me of Hollywood heroines like Lauren Bacall.

Jenny, South Africa. Photo by Stuart O’Sullivan
Jenny is very calm and very, very funny.

Mar 10

Funny ad

Mar 10

THIS is a test.

WOW just woke up from a doozy of a dream and had to blog about it immediately. I dreamt I was invited to an amazing, super-modern apartment for a cocktail party (or a “pre-game”, as it were, as we were instructed along with the invitation that we’d be going clubbing afterwards). The host was the wonderful Tiziana Casali, who is the owner of a modeling agency I worked for in Milan, ages ago… and old Italian lady, by appearances she is quite dowdy but underneath she is tough as nails.

Entering Tiziana’s apartment there was a sense of going to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, and we were invited as if we were the creatives from Atlas Shrugged. Tiziana was our Willy Wonka/John Galt in the shape of an Italian grandmother. She had constructed around her apartment kind of an installation art exhibition of 80′s visuals. We, the guests, were given paper and mechanical pencils and had to go around the room, look at the art, and write the artist, or movie, or book’s name that the installation art represented.

There were drinks, and fashion, and it was all in good fun but we took our task seriously and a slightly competitive feel overtook the room. There were Herb Ritts photos, Keith Haring sculptures, Gaultier clothes, a Warhol wig, Fornasetti plates (never realized I considered Fornasetti to be 80′s, but apparently I do). There was a compilation of styling accessories that styling genius Ray Petri had used in his editorials for THE FACE and ARENA magazines.

The most compelling installation was a diorama that Tiziana had created. It was a shoe box on its side, decorated as if it were the drug dealer Julian’s bedroom from Less Than Zero, and inside were two dolls fucking in the missionary position, at the same angle as in the scene where Stacey loses her virginity in the dugout from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Brilliant! None of the guests guessed correctly, it wasn’t until we started brainstorm and free-associating together that we came up with it, with Tiziana egging us on with glee.

There was one spot on my answer sheet I couldn’t get filled, and I started to kind of panic. It was a painting:


and the answer was on the tip of my tongue, but for some reason it wasn’t coming. Then someone whispered “Schnabel”, and then I started to write Schnabel, but my mechanical pencil ran out of lead. Then I woke up. The painting was by Jean Michel Basquiat who I’m not all that familiar with, and someone in the dream was whispering Schnabel, because Julian Schnabel had directed a movie about the painter. So, kind of a disappointing ending, but overall, an EPIC dream.

Dugout pic via T_Hoffarth’s Flickr