September, 2010

Sep 10

In Which Fashion Awakes

Dream fashion from Miuccia Prada —- a kaleidoscopic collision of stripes, Dr. Seuss, uniforms, Latin America, colors, bananas… I’m in heaven.


Spring 2011 Prada

Sep 10

I Love My Parents

and so does Stephen Colbert! A picture of my mom and dad —- America’s Sweethearts, Marvin and Alice Kitchen —- seems to be the go-to stock photo whenever he needs an earnest, adorable, everyday older couple.



Sep 10

When ya gotta go ya gotta go

Love this graphic for restrooms —- cracks me up!


Sep 10

Who Do You Think You Are?

I recently joined Compatible Partners, an eHarmony for homos. Sure it’s because I wanna meet someone special, but it’s also like a social experiment for me…I’m always fascinated about the way that people describe themselves, and what they like to do. (“I enjoy laughing and spending time with friends.” –This one kills me every time. It’s like: “OMG!!!!! NO WAY!!!!! ME TOO!!!!!!!”) I could write a whole book about gay men and what they think “masculine” means. For some, being masculine means spending hours in a gym, even if those hours are spent looking in the mirror while pumping iron and taking pictures of themselves. Apparently going to a gym makes you “athletic” and a “jock” too, even if you’re only going to the gym so you look better in those photos you are taking of yourself.

This cracked me up:


Kinda brilliant! Although from reading the rest of his profile I think he was being serious. :-(

But it’s the photos, as Michael Kors would say, “let’s be honest”, that make or break a profile. Here is the ad for Compatible Partners:


Though not necessarily bursting with individuality or personality, everyone in the ads are perfectly styled, lit, groomed. Let me just say, charitably, that the reality is very often much different. Sometimes it’s a headscratcher some of the photos that people post to represent themselves, and for me, why they are choosing a certain photo to represent them is as important as the photos themselves. I’ve seen some great photos, but I’ve also seen some sad ones: really badly lit; taken from miles away; taken years ago; tiny photos; photos with sunglasses, hats, helmets; photos with no awareness of background—sometimes all in the same photo, bless their hearts.

One of the small little things that makes me very very very happy is when a friend uses a picture that I have taken of them as their profile picture. I love when people feel good about themselves…who they are and how they look, and I’m so honored when I can capture that feeling. And if a friend comments that the picture is “SOOOOOO YOU”, I’m overjoyed.

Anyway, I’ll continue my little social research / quest for everlasting love, but in the meantime: my_matches

Sep 10

Globe Genie

Love this site — like a Chatroulette but for locations. Randomly shuffles pictures from around the globe, and shows on a map where the photo is. For photo and map geeks, like me!

Globe Genie

Sep 10

Makin’ Muscles

A photo that I art-directed is on the cover of the Frontiers Magazine:

photo by Aaron Cobbett

photo by Aaron Cobbett


Aaron Cobbett

Sep 10

Good Life

Put this as your Monday morning video alarm clock and I guarantee an amazing day, week, and life….Good Life by Inner City. Infectiously fun and I love how amateur the video is, but it’s all about the fun.

Inner City is from Detroit, one of the best bands from one of the centers of the origins of House Music. I went to University of Michigan in the late 80′s and we would head to Detroit for some serious clubbing. It was intense, and intensely exciting… the clubs were in the worst parts of town and we were always terrified going from the car to the club. Once we got in, and got in the groove, it was heaven. Late in the night the music would change—so dramatically it was like flipping a switch, and suddenly there were pianos and snare drums and every song had lyrics related to “jacking your body” or the word “house” in it — and electricity filled the air. It turned into a real celebration, way beyond black or white or gay or straight, everyone was there to have fun and dressed and dancing to impress and everyone knew they were witnessing, and contributing to, something special.

The Starck Club in Dallas in the late 80′s was more glamorous, in fact I can’t imagine anything more glamorous. Coming from Oklahoma City to go to Dallas, seeing the skyline, is like coming upon the Emerald City of Oz. There were skylights circling the city, beckoning people to The Starck Club. There was a long staircase, imposing doors guarded by intimidatingly fabulous people, and a chic modern interior, all designed by Phillipe Starck.


The white sheets between the couches had film projections on them, there were unisex bathrooms with televisions in them, and there was a giant arch on the dance floor with a staircase leading to it. The fashion was fierce, lots of Gaultier, Lacroix, poufs, big hair, makeup, jewelry, even on the girls! As “Dallas” as it was, for me it was what I imagined this glamorous faraway place known as “Europe” might be like. And really, again, it wasn’t about gay or straight or black or white. It was all about the entrances, the experiences, making a scene, and being seen. The Inner City song that always makes me think of The Starck Club is “Ain’t Nobody Better”… I still remember dancing to this song there:

There is an amazing blog where people list their memories of The Starck Club here. Good life, indeed. For me, it’s so heartwarming because there was so much superficiality involved in that time, at that place, that it’s nice to hear the intimate stories behind the people who were so fascinatingly fabulous but ultimately too intimidatingly gorgeous for a young small town boy like me to get to know personally. I was more a voyeur in another world, another planet, witnessing a fashion magazine come to life and discovering music the likes of which I had never heard before.