January, 2011

Jan 11

Born This Way

What a great idea for a site — gay men submitting pictures of themselves from childhood, pretty much proving the ‘nature’ as opposed to ‘nurture’ theory of homosexuality. Many of us gay men have pictures which show us in all our gay glory, at a young age… dressing up in women’s clothes, playing with dolls, making gestures, styling ourselves with a certain panache. Since there wasn’t a camera around when I was caught trying on Krissy Buikema’s mom’s wedding dress, I guess this is the gayest childhood picture I have:


That’s me and my sisters after a day of fishing in Mississippi with PawPaw. I was always a bit shy about taking off my ‘top’, it just didn’t seem right to me. Was never shy about grabbing my balls though.

Here is one of my favorites from the site, and often there are touching stories which go along with the pictures:

“I was a fancy lady”

David, age 5
Houston, TX (1978)
At church there was an “imagination station” where we could dress up in costumes.

I found this elegant number and couldn’t part with it. My dear parents allowed me to wear it home.

They marched me (well, I marched myself) into the backyard where they snapped a few photos. That is a sock-breast I am holding up with my right hand.

At around age 4, I fell into a swimming pool and a teenaged lifeguard rescued me. As he was carrying me out of the water, I remember how right it felt in his arms.

It wasn’t until age 17 that I was able to make peace with my feelings.

Born This Way

Jan 11

Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising


Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising

Jan 11

If Your Mom Wrote Movie Titles


I love this site!

Jan 11


I’m fascinated by the psychology of what motivates people to buy things, and love strong visuals, so therefore… I LOVE MAGAZINE COVERS! I love the classic covers, such as Esquire by George Lois, Bazaar by Alexey Brodovitch. I love bold, whimsical covers, such as this Vice magazine cover, as well as magazines which have a consistency in their covers, such as the ‘wink’ of iD magazine covers or the gold frame around National Geographic*. So happy I’ve found this amazing blog Coverjunkie, which is a constantly-updated gallery of covers which includes award-winning covers, controversial covers, and more, including iPad covers:


* I once had an extremely vivid dream I got a job working at National Geographic, as an editorial assistant. It was my first day, and I was in an editorial meeting, and the editor walked in and said “I’ve got an idea! We’re going to take the gold frame off the cover.” Everyone in the meeting seemed to be happy, although I couldn’t tell if they were sincere or just kissing up to the editor. Then the editor asked me what I thought. I said, “Well, you’ve just changed the world!” which usually I would mean as a compliment but this time I didn’t! Then I woke up, a little disturbed– happy to realize it was just a dream.