June, 2011

Jun 11

Arty Bollocks Generator

This is hilarious…

My work explores the relationship between postmodern discourse and multimedia experiences. etc etc etc….

Jun 11


Nice compilation of photos of famous people with vinyl…. Here Sophia Loren is also rocking contact sheets and a cigarette:

Dangerous Minds

Jun 11

Blue Collar Gays

I love to shoot for Next magazine and this feature was right up my alley: Gay guys who work in traditionally blue-collar jobs. Editor Benjamin Solomon and I agreed that the best approach would be shooting the subjects as everyday guys with everyday jobs; and when contacting the subjects to set up the shoots I found they were relieved they wouldn’t have to be sexy, oiled up, one-dimensional Village People type guys — that they just had to be themselves.


Jun 11

Vacuuming up Dandelions

Creative, clever, concise. I love this:

JOY OF DESTRUCTION from Xaver Xylophon on Vimeo.

Jun 11

The Decisive Moment

I love this shot my friend Leena captured with her phone at the NBA finals playoff game between the Mavericks and Heat… the timing could not have been better, and love the composition. And Leena!

photo by Leena Lowe