July, 2011

Jul 11

Swag from Wagwear

Shot a simple and fun summer promo for Wagwear, a boutique for style-conscious pooches:


Jul 11

It’s about time.

Ever since I knew I am gay and knew that it WAS not legal for gays to marry, I knew it would be legal in a matter of time. Old people with prejudices against gays would be dying as more and more young people would be accepting the gays who are living openly; and fairness, equality, logic and reason would take over. Today there is a beautiful pictorial in The New York Times of happy couples who married in New York, now that marriage is legal here. Some of the pictures:

Here are some more pics from Buzzfeed: sweet, candid, heartwarming.

Though I have to say, thought this day would have come quicker! I love this article in The Onion about gay marriage, pretty much sums it up:
Future U.S. History Students: ‘It’s Pretty Embarrassing How Long You Guys Took To Legalize Gay Marriage’

Next up is repealing the DOMA law.

Jul 11

Beards Glorious Beards

It’s no secret that I love guys with beards so I was pleasantly surprised when my friend Anthony showed me this Tumblr, Facial Awareness. (Although I wish there were credits with the photos.) There are a lot of amazing pictures, below are some of my favorites:

Personally I love my beard sculpted with precision and my weekly/biweekly beard shave and trim is an indulgence (although only $15 +5 tip). Lately I’ve been going to Jon the Barber at Well Connected at 151 Allen Street:

Jul 11

Dog Days of Summer

Fire Island, New York. Starring Macho and French Fry! Wish I would have had my camera with me when French Fry was playing bingo.