Jun 11

Vacuuming up Dandelions

Creative, clever, concise. I love this:

JOY OF DESTRUCTION from Xaver Xylophon on Vimeo.

Jun 11

The Decisive Moment

I love this shot my friend Leena captured with her phone at the NBA finals playoff game between the Mavericks and Heat… the timing could not have been better, and love the composition. And Leena!

photo by Leena Lowe

May 11


Just returned from an amazing vacation in Tulum, Mexico —- authentic Mexican food, beautiful nature, friendly people, relaxed vibe: my kind of place. Of course we did a photo shoot — a full day of shooting with Mariate and her boyfriend Raul. Mariate is amazing, besides being so beautiful she was such a trooper and sweet as coconut flan. ‘m so happy with the results. I’m so happy with the results—some of the pictures you can see in my portfolio. I love plopping myself down in random, interesting, beautiful places and shooting —great way to meet people, have fun and be productive. Time to plan the next trip!

Apr 11

Les Rita Mitsouko – Marcia Baila

Probably one of my favorite videos, ever. Every time I watch it I’m delighted by something new. So creative, colorful, fun!

Apr 11

Playing your hand

I get a real kick out of these ads:

They advertise a web site – One Thing I’ve Learnt which promotes green causes, sustainability and community. Good cause and good fun. Don’t know why I get such a kick out of hand puppets, but I do. Reminds me of this video, “Dog Problems” by The Format:

It’s fun being easily amused.

Apr 11

Thank you for your support

I’m a big fan of 2xist Lift underwear… basically it’s like a jock strap within a pair of briefs, making butts bubblier!

Which reminds me of one of my favorite print ads ever:

Beautiful photography by Vincent Dixon, rich colors, clever concept. I love Wonderbra ads in general— instead of being predictably sexy and obvious, they go the opposite route: understated and witty. And the takeaway is: BOOBS, yay! Here are some Wonderbra ads from around the world:


Mar 11

We’ve come a long way, baby


Ads from the past that would never be allowed today

Mar 11

Calvin Klein Gift Essentials

To promote their “Gift Essentials”, they wanted “Williamsburg.” Artsy, urban, creative Williamsburg. I love the mood of the overcast day, and the models were a lot of fun. Great crew, with special thanks to Cemre Gungor for allowing us to shoot in his loft, Samuel Ladd for helping with casting and Kallister Hem from Calvin Klein for styling.








Mar 11

Next Style Guide

I had a lot of fun shooting this Next Style Guide … Loved meeting these guys and sharing fashion tips!





Matthew (far top) and I particularly bonded over our love of the store Felix in Buenos Aires:

One of my favorite photographers in the world, Gustavo Di Mario, shoots Felix’s advertising and look books:
Gustavo Di Mario

Matthew is a rising star in the swimwear world, with his swimwear featured in the recent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, as well as the recent American Vogue. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. Check out his suits:

BTW Matthew and I also bonded over our love of the song “Romeo” from Flashdance. Random!

Feb 11

Back To The Future

A photographer after my own heart. Adorable pictures of people recreating photos from their childhood:


Great idea and amazingly executed —love the attention to detail from the styling to the expressions to the photo technique.

Irina Werning: Back to the Future